May 5, 2016

Lotion…slathered today in all the DRY places in the BODY of CHRIST—I AM anointing fresh MY BODY and you did it to 2, double portion coming as you obeyed me this morning—different places—It’s coming to My Body from ME to all of you.  Thank you for obeying and turning around and going to do what I told you to do though it made you die to self and step out of your comfort zone and GO against your flesh will to obey your spirit’s will to obey ME.  This is surrender to ME to My Father for His will, plan being done in the earth NOW!  I know.  Just keep coming and yes they were disgruntled with ME and all that was happening in the crowd at the foot of the mountain that day and they couldn’t move in ME because they were against ME—at enmity with ME because Flesh was working in that moment as it does so often among you all.  This is a call to death—to SELF—to kill self’s rule once and for all and let MY BODY ARISE in the earth to declare who I AM!  I AM GOD and there is no other and I will have My Way and Plan and you will see that it has always been MY WILL and MY PLAN operating—no matter what you see in the earth.  Join ME for My Glory will astound you and your knees will bow in adoration of your KING when all is said and done in the earth.  WAIT and SEE and Ride with ME!  Come on.  Keep going.  Don’t give up or give in.  Just ride!  Here COMES THE SON—SUN!  With healing in His wings.  NOW HERE!  Around the globe I AM moving as never before in history because things are ramping up, getting ready.  NOW GO and Be the Church as I have called you to be.  Don’t be afraid.  I have said it over and over no fear is of ME.  So what you are hearing is lies to make you stop doing things that look nonsense in your realm but have great RAMIFICATIONS in My realm TO—DAY.  My Plan.  Just obey ME.  Don’t think about it.  It may not make sense to you because remember My ways are not yours here in the earth.  They supersede all things of earth.  I REIGN SUPREME—FATHER IS SEATED ALWAYS HAS BEEN ALWAYS WILL BE!!!

Receive your LOTION Anointing fresh rain water life to dry spots, crack and peeling–NO MORE in JESUS NAME!  Cracks being healed up in His blood lotion, freedom to move again in the earth where you are placed!  WOW!  SHOUT! SING! DANCE! REJOICE! OUR KING REIGNS SUPREME ETERNAL AND OUR FATHER IS SEATED AND NEVER WILL BE UNSEATED!  RHUACH! HALLELUJAH! HI LO SHAMALA!  LORE SHAMMAH!  YES AND AMEN!

MARANATHA LORD JESUS COME to Hearts in such great need to be set Free to You and Your Love.

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May 4, 2016

I AM asking you right NOW–What are you doing?  Do you listen to ME?  Do you hear My voice at all?  Do you KNOW that I AM seeking you constantly, waiting for you to want ME above everything else in your life right NOW!  HERE–NOW!  There is so much pulling you away from Me 24-7 that is totally of no value to you or to ME and I long to pull you close and help you find all that is waiting for you here.  There is so much more going on than you see.  I AM GOD and the total view is MINE alone from heaven.  I see each and every person.  They are MINE, paid for by My blood though unaware they dare to call evil good and think that I don’t care.  I AM LOVE.  I care deeply about each person alive, those dead and gone were Mine too and those yet unborn, coming forth by My Will.  There is a PLAN and it will BE!  Who will you follow?  Me or you?  You are blind, deaf, dumb, in darkness without ME.  I AM the light of men and I came to bring you out of the darkness of living for you and into the light of My Presence–GOD, your Father’s will is perfect for you.  Do you care?  Do you know?  Deception is blindness, it causes you to not believe the truth.  It leads you astray to destruction to death.  I have come to bring you life and LIFE Abundant–beyond anything you can do on your own.  I AM GOD and therefore all that I AM I give to you.  I AM waiting for you.  I never leave you.  I never take My eyes off of you.  I AM here right NOW.  I AM coming to My own and asking for your hand.  Take hold and walk with ME.  I said, “Follow ME” 2000 years ago and those who have were saved from themselves.  They rejoice, dance, celebrate, KNOW ME personally and live in Me and with ME.  I have so much to share with you.  COME.  Find ME the One TRUE LIVING GOD.  There is Only One God, One Lord, One Savior, One King, One Spirit.  To follow ME and hear My voice YOU have to be quiet, still, stop your rant and rave long enough to hear ME Call your name.  I AM calling you, all day long, all night long.  I never stop calling for you, My child to come here to ME to find all you have hope for and more.  COME!  My WORD is full of truths because it is ME on paper.  I have so much to give you, everything you need for life here and a place prepared here with ME when your life on earth is complete.  I know the exact number of your days, all the hairs on your head are numbered.  I know which number fell on the floor, got caught in the comb this morning.  You cannot top My knowledge–for I KNOW ALL THINGS AND ALL THINGS EXIST because I SAY SO!  There is no human man or woman who has ever done anything apart from ME.  I AM the wisdom, creative power lose in the world for MY GOOD PURPOSES.  All is Mine.  Come and Know ME.  Try ME and see if I AM everything I promise and more.  I love you.  Come!

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March 20, 2016

You are alive–why?  What are you here for?  Who made you?  What exploded if it came about by explosion?  There was something first and IT IS ME–I AM GOD and there is no other!  It matters not what man believes or thinks–it doesn’t change a thing of TRUTH!  I AM THE TRUTH! and there is NO OTHER!  Therefore, a wise man or woman will seek out the TRUTH at all costs and not stop till they find ME because it will always lead you right back to ME.  Anything else is false, a lie from the father of lies to deceive, pervert, steal, kill and destroy your life from you and what I have planned for you which is beyond your wildest imaginings of anything possible known to you.  I AM GOD and My realm and Kingdom are vastly beyond anything you know and comprehend here in the earth.  There are things all around you, surrounding you continually unseen that are vastly different and beyond your intellect but designed and created by ME for things I reveal when the time is right to those ready to KNOW ME MORE!  Try ME and see if all I say is true.  You will not be disappointed and there is much all around you declaring and shouting MY name, MY existence to you.  I AM LIFE and BREATH and you breathe because I say that you can breathe and live today.  I AM the one who holds your matter together and gave you life and health.  Your frequency, DNA, Sight and Sound is all known and designed by ME unique to you, no other like you ever, forever!  You know these things are true.  Find ME and you will find life more amazing than your heart can conceive.  LET GO OF YOUR PAST, it matters not.  Your future is still to be and I have the plans if you ask, seek ME OUT!  There’s nothing between us, but you!  I have finished the deal, paid the price with MY OWN life and blood given for YOU.   I WON the victory, set you free of your past and all that remains is your PRESENT, the NOW.  Your future is still to be choices to make and I AM the one who knows if you’ll ask.  There’s no wisdom in man of himself, just from ME!  Come and find out and you will see.  I LOVE YOU and KNOW YOU and CALL YOU by NAME.  A Name I have given you before you became.  COME and find that GOD exists and will dwell inside you spirit to SPIRIT as ONE, GOD and man the great mystery of the ages has been forever fulfilled in MY SON, JESUS CHRIST who’s Spirit comes to dwell in you and speak all HE has to say to you 24-7 daily, a friendship  with God beyond your wildest dreams.  COME!  I AM HERE!  Listen, LOOK!  You WILL SEE.  You WILL HEAR!

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February 9, 2016

YOU ARE MY child, My daughter, My son.  I have paid a great price to redeem your life from the pit to My FATHER’S Glory in Heaven.  You have been declared righteous by My Blood on the CROSS.  I AM JESUS who was crucified, risen and reigns in FULL POWER AND GLORY.  I AM the KING OF KINGS and LORD of LORDS.  There is no other god, king, lord or ruler in charge. I AM GOD and as such in charge, control of all things.  Your very breath comes from ME, your heart beats because I say so.  Man thinks he runs the show and it is preposterous, ludicrous and foolish as all exists by MY WORD!  Therefore, if you will believe and receive ME you will find all you have ever dreamed possible and more beyond your thoughts.  I came to indwell My people, My children, My Bride, My Body in the earth.  I AM Grace, Mercy, Love, Compassion, Forgiveness for all, for all Time.  It is FINISHED was My cry from the cross as I gave up My Spirit to My Father’s keeping.  I finished all things against you and for you.  There is nothing you need do to win the prize of eternal life.  It is MY FREE GIFT to you who believe on My name and receive Me into your life.  I have declared in John’s Gospel that I AM King and God and we come to dwell in you.  You become My house in the earth, the vessel that carries Me to others who need to hear the GOOD NEWS of MY GOSPEL!  I AM JESUS and I AM love.  My Father is LOVE and LOVE only exists in GOD.  Man’s love is flawed and flesh and motivated by selfish gains no matter how perfect it may seem to you.  I AM LOVE and therefore My love is your reward, your inheritance is all that I AM!  Men and women are finding me all over the globe.  I AM talking to them, revealing My truth to them to bring them out of lies and deception, longing for truth in a world gone mad following satan’s lies and deceit.  NO MORE!  I AM calling My own, claiming My own.  Bringing them home to live and dwell in peace with ME.  I AM hearing speaking, calling COME to ME and find your life.  Let go of your life and all you think you need here in the earth and reach out to My hand, hear My voice and follow ME.  My sheep hear My voice and COME when I CALL!  They are not afraid of ME but come to ME.  Never fear to come near to ME.  Call to ME.  My NAME is LORD of the earth.  The government is on My shoulders no matter what you see in the earth.  Remember this is not My realm of sight for MINE is over ALL.  My KINGDOM rules beyond your sight and therefore, rules inspite of what you see!  MY KINGDOM has come to hearts of men and where it does, they’re free.  GIVE ME your all, your life, your heart and you will be filled with MY Spirit sent to be your Helper, Counselor, and Guide.  I AM that I AM is calling you.  COME.  BE FREE!  Love ME.  I AM JESUS.  I AM real, alive, well, returning soon.  STAND ready!  Let go the world around you and Hear My voice and follow what I say.  BE FEARLESS in ME, KING JESUS.  Yes and AMEN!

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January 1, 2016

I AM the HEAD of My Body the Church, My Bride and as HEAD I cannot be touched or defeated.  I AM GOD and there is no other and so let go of your SELF and Hold on to ME.  I AM THE HEAD.  Do not call your life precious for if you do, you will lose it.  Hold ME as your life and find it.  I have promised to give you life eternal which you have in ME if you are MINE.  I dwell among you in power and light.  I and the Father are ONE and we come to dwell with you–those who call us LORD and GOD.  All others are foolish in My sight–for they say in their minds and hearts that there is no god or I AM not HE!  Who does man think that he is to tell HIS MAKER HE IS NOT!  The foolishness of man is evident in the earth.  Men have come and gone for years and none of them exists.  I AM!  I AM HERE and never came to be and never will be gone.  I AM!  I have said it and I AM TRUTH and all that IS!  I AM All in ALL and nothing exists apart from ME.  All that IS exists because I say SO!  I have called you to MY SELF because I AM GOD and I AM Love–not as man knows–a love that is pure and holy and truth and complete and cares and nurtures, helps and provides, and never ends.  I AM seeking MY own those who want ME and have not found ME yet.  I FIND YOU!  I Choose You!  Come and follow ME–JESUS and find that My Father is beyond anything you could ever hope to know.  I and the Father are One–I declared this and have proved it.  Those who follow ME know ME and KNOW I AM WHO I SAY THAT I AM!  Why do they give up their heads for ME?  Ask your SELF that question if you struggle to understand.  I AM real, alive, and I have promised and continue to speak to My own.  They KNOW ME.  They desire ME above all else.  Death cannot touch them for I have conquered death and it means HOME–ME–MY Presence immediately for those who let all go for ME.  I lead them here and they trust MY LEAD.  I bring them Home when things are ready.  There is nothing the earth can offer you for all comes from ME first.  Evil seeks to kill destroy and lies to cheat you of your HOME with ME here where Father dwells in unapproachable light so bright there is no night or dark or shadow.  We are cheering you on to finish your race, your journey here with ME for I have come to lead you HOME to ME.  I give you life and joy and peace and HELP here through My Holy Spirit who lives within and teaches you what you need to Know from day to day–ALL!  COME and find JESUS–ME–all that I say I AM!  Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you things you did not know.  Call to ME and find ME.  TRUST ME for I AM TRUST.  LOVE ME for I AM LOVE.  OBEY ME for I have obeyed My Father forever and I AM your great reward.  COME.  ALL IS WELL IN ME!  Do not look around you at what you see.  LOOK AT ME–GOD–JESUS, King of Kings, Lord of LORDS.  I AM the GOVERNMENT and will rule forever.  What is happening is all known in Father’s plan.  Man does not trump or prevail.  GOD IS IN CONTROL and IN CHARGE and you will see.  BELIEVE IN TRUTH!  I AM the truth, the life, the ONLY WAY!  COME and find all you have ever hope and dreamed for in ME–I AM JESUS.  I love you!   Come and follow ME!

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