September 27, 2016

“I know exactly where you all are in the earth and I love to change things UP—get you looking at ME more and more.  This experience has been doing that for days in your lives and now look what just happened.”

We are in Kalamazoo at a Hospice now and mom is the best she’s been, still has pain in her chest, but so like her normal self today I even took her for a walk outside in her room chair–which has rollers–she loved getting outside for a few minutes on the beautiful grounds, then was ready for her bed again.  Our whole journey so far has been about connections–life on life, sharing Jesus, our faith, hope and courage about where she’s going when the moment comes; which always blows people’s minds.  JUST NOW her night nurse came on duty and kept looking at Gary like he was familiar.  He happened to mention Spring Arbor and OH MY the connections were made.  They went to college together with Jeff Roley in 1973, 1974.  He actually worked at Teen Ranch Youth For Christ after 1978 for a few years, so our lives intersected back then and now again 40 years later.  Only God can do these strategic moments in time.  We are continuing to marvel at Mom’s journey, knowing that Dawson our 10 year old grandson prayed 3 times over her in ICU to be healed, get to go home, leave the hospital, or be with Him, for peace, comfort, etc.  This place is providing those things for her while she waits for her HOME GOING.  She is up for visitors as long as we don’t tire her out.  She enjoys feeling more normal and being able to talk, so we hope that continues until the moment comes.  Difficult yes but AMAZING GRACE is all over her and all of us.  We love you all who are out there praying.  We are being challenged, changed, and learning many, many things.  Kindness, compassion, and how to engage and encourage others along the way.

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September 17, 2016

WELL!  Life is.  I am amazed again.  Thursday night I suddenly noticed that something else had popped up on my rose bush on the deck.  I went to look closer and there were 3 more brand new rose buds.  They have opened now and are hung in a little bundle with my first one drying.  He gave me 3 more gift roses, but had a HUGE message.  He said, “you often miss, don’t notice or disregard what you don’t see, because you don’t know.”  In high school my Biology teacher was amazing and my favorite teacher of all 13 years of schooling.  He made us repeat daily, “You only see what you know!”  I have never forgotten it and it is true.  I saw the first tiny rose gift and missed the other 3 because I didn’t know to look further in that moment for tiny green buds still coming.  He has told me that we–I do this with people and situations.  They are still in process–HIS growth season–not mine.  They will bloom and blossom under HIS care for his reasons and in HIS time.  I need to love and be patient and give HIM the true gardener time to work, prune, nourish, water, shine light upon and bring forth.  He is unending in His ability to apply Himself to life because HE is life.  He is Shepherd with Sheep, Water to Thirst, Food and meat for the hungry, Milk for babes, Sun of Righteousness with healing in His wings, Savior, Friend, King, Lord, God.  I have been thrilled with my little roses this week.

I hear His voice saying, “are you as thrilled with MY little roses–people still in the growth process?  Don’t write them off or shun, or think ME done.  Wait upon Me.  Come to Me when you need help and answers in regards to people in your life.  You cannot control things–I DO!  Quit trying.  Leave it all to ME.  I have you and them.  Pray for them about everything.  Don’t run your mouth in anger, frustration, berating, etc.  Love them as I do.  You will know from now on as you listen and obey and follow Me more closely every day.  You are learning from Me how to treat, care, tend, love Mine, as I do you.  No more shame for you or them.  I removed it all.  TRUST ME to DO MY WORK in you and them and all circumstances happening in your life.  All is well and good and you can REST assured that it is SO!

Last night we watched the movie “RISEN” and I was in tears, just sitting and starring by the end.  I’m going to watch again today before I return it.  It has shown ME more of His love and power.  HE IS GOD AND LORD AND KING AND FRIEND AND COMING BRIDEGROOM!  Get ready.  Be alert, awake, prepared in your spirit–One with Him excited and ready to SEE HIM in person.  He is coming Soon–quickly He says in Revelation 22.  Until that moment HE promised “I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS!”  What more could we possibly need than Him.

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September 15, 2016

HE is amazing.  Per the Armor of God Bible study I made a date to have tea with the friend that is always full of joy.  I’ve never met anyone like her before; of course because we’re all unique.  However, I have never seen her down or angry, judging, etc.  She is always joy and grace exuding HIS love to everyone around her. It was quite an evening of surprises from Him, and she shared that when a negative, or angry, or frustrating, or judgmental thought pops in she’s learned to immediately allow Holy Spirit to speak.  He gently says, “Breathe!”  As she does, Jesus moves in and out through her–the air we breathe song.  She said He has also been showing her that he washes her through the night cleansing her mind, will, emotions, body and His mercies are new every morning as she awakens refreshed.  She always wakes up and thanks Him for who He is, the God of the Universe living inside her–loving her.  In that moment she’s filled with excitement and anticipation for the day ahead. He also told her not to weed her rock garden these last weeks and the weeds had grown up.  A friend stopped to yank a weed and she yelled stop, come see.  What was amazing is that a tiny flower had bloomed at the tip of some of the weeds in her garden–unexpected gifts.  As she shared all this in my car, His presence filled the space, it was awesome, quiet, gentle, holy.

Needless to say I went home pondering all these things in my heart.  The prior day I had noticed a little late blooming rose on one of my plants.  Looking closer I gave it no attention because it was dwarfed, stunted a pale cream color almost withered and dead, end of season.  Now two days later the night after this conversation with my friend Jesus had me notice the flower again.  I was astonished.  There on top of the plant the little rose was not dead.  It had brightened to a light shade of yellow and all the tiny petals were tipped in rose color.  I just couldn’t believe the Transformation from what had been there 2 days prior.  I quickly picked it and brought it in the house, took pictures next to my finger because it is no bigger than the size of my thumbnail.  Today He has rocked me as I recorded this story.  This is what I’ve done with people.  Oh Jesus!  Not always–I get that–but to one, is too many.  It is so easy to discard, write off, abandon, think someone is hopeless–THEY ARE NOT!  He is always there working and His mercies are new every morning.  He is no respecter of persons and is longingly, lovingly, wooing and seeking HIS OWN to come Home.  Maybe that’s You or someone you know.  This LESSON has followed many corrections from Him in love these last few months to help me love as He loves.

YES daughter of Mine!  Stay close and fear not for I have many blessings awaiting you in this journey of transformation from rags to the riches of My Glory, My story in your life and those around you.  Keep coming to ME, dining with Me, spending time with Me, hearing My voice and learning from Me.  Every day you are getting new and amazing lessons with ME your Great Teacher, Counselor, Friend, and Lover of your soul.  This is who I AM!  I care so deeply for all of you and desire you for My own, to be free of the worlds bonds and shackles–not from ME.  Be at ease, at peace.  Shut your mouth from speaking the lies that come, the fears are not from Me.  Much of what you think is junk to disturb, distract, make waste.  No more!  I desire grace and mercy and peace and joy for all My children.  NOW IS THE DAY!  NOW IS THE TIME!  I Am here walking among you, seeking My own.  Come with Me and find all that you ever dreamed and beyond.  I will astound and confound.  No man or woman has ever figured Me out.  So that tells you not to stop walking with Me.  Don’t settle in the corner with one piece of meat.  Stand up and keep walking with ME and learn how I LOVE!  Love is the key that unlocks every door, every heart, every mind, every soul.  I AM here and I will do it.  Agree with Me in motion, moving, not stuck.  Letting go of hurts and pains and offense traps sent to distract you from the real of the moment.  This is My journey here in the earth.  I came, I won, I live, I AM KING of Kings and LORD of Lords and there is no other God before Me.  There is only One God, One Lord, One Father, One Son, One Spirit.  Join with us in our work to seek and to save the lost sons and daughters of God.  Many do not know Me.  Feel abandoned, left, alone.  But OH I AM there, right beside them waiting for them to turn their attention to My still small voice calling out their name.  It will be done.  I will not lose a one!  They are precious in My sight and My eyes are ever open, not asleep, not stone!  I AM ALIVE AND WELL AND GOOD AND GOD!  Trust Me to help you see the ROSES, MY Beauties just waiting to be found by those looking with EYES OPEN to see and EARS OPEN to hear!  As I said in Revelation:  He who has an ear let him hear what the SPIRIT says to the churches.  Rev. 22:17 “And the Spirit and the bride say Come!  And let him who hears say COME!  And let him who THIRSTS COME.  Whoever desires, let him take the Water of life freely.  I AM the LIVING WATER.  COME!  I CHOOSE YOU!  I LOVE YOU!  Don’t doubt.  Beauty for ashes is My promise, My name, My Calling!

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I AM the I AM

September 13, 2016

I AM GOD, your Father, your King, your Lord and your Life–all of it exists in ME alone.  I know you know this NOW and want to know ME more.  Yes I AM here with you and I love your devotion to our friendship.  It is what I value most.  I long for each of you to want ME most of all above all things on earth.  Seek time with ME and believe in ME and MY ability to do all things and find yourself astonished.  YES I CAN…just ask ME.  Trust ME more and believe that I WILL and know best what is for you with ME.  When it seems strange, don’t fret or fear wait and SEE what I  AM about to do for you, through you, in you!

Thank you JESUS you are my BEST Friend, Precious 24-7 companion.  I love you so much.  I needed to mow the lawn tonight and you knew about the healing you are perfecting in my knee.  I wasn’t sure but trusted you to help me.  I had put mowing it off for several days and it couldn’t go longer and no one else was able.  I put the Blue Emu cream on that a friend suggested, went out and for 50 minutes mowed the lawn with no pain.  It was amazing and all I could say was it was a miracle and thank you.  You are still healing me, but you knew it needed to be done and literally provided strength in my weak areas.  My fear  left immediately as I began the first row realizing the discomfort I expected and inability was completely gone. You also held off the rain so I could finish. Tonight I’m believing you for complete healing for both of us.  It has made me pray for others.  While mowing you told me that my pain was helping me have sympathy for others.  You didn’t cause it, but you have used it for lessons being learned.  You are THE GREAT PHYSICIAN and that is what you do.  You love for us to believe in You as doctor.  To come to You for our health and healing first, not last.  The woman had spent 12 years going to every doctor, spending all she had and nothing worked until she decided to go OUT against all rules and boundaries, traditions, beliefs, to slip through the crowd and with faith touch your garment–which no one but family was allowed to do.  Then you turned knowing it all, but asked her to step out and speak her faith publicly.  She did and in that moment You declared her Your daughter!  WOW!  Your love and power and plans and peace and joy are waiting for us every moment of every day.  I have to pay attention!  I have to hear Your voice.  I have to look at my thoughts, my actions, and come to You immediately for help or forgiveness or wisdom to live like You and with You.  Flesh screams for self and spirit calls out to You!   I met with a precious friend last night who is always joyful, always gracious and she shared that she just lives in constant communication with You.  Asking You for help, listening and doing what You say.  She may think something but immediately You tell her and she listens.  She lets You lead her day, praying at all turns and moments of the day.  She knows there are people who don’t like her because she is always joyful, different–peculiar which You said we should be.  You tell her to breathe You in and then breathe You out.  She does!  Thank You for her in my life and change me, teach me, use me.  My mouth has been berating, judging, when you want to love and show compassion.  Change me Jesus.  Thank you for helping me mow the lawn and for always being there.  You never leave.  Amazing!

YES it is!  I AM here and you are MINE.  I paid a high price for you–My LIFE–so you can live free.  Come on, let’s keep walking together, you and ME!  So many around you have no clue about ME.  I AM not religion.  I AM Father, God, King, longing for relationship restoration with you forever.  COME and help ME share with others this LOVE that I AM!


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September 11, 2016


HE–Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit keeps telling me to write–tell what He says.  Up till now this blog has been all HIS words only.  I believe He wants me to share our conversations and how HE affects my life–HIS STORY–My testimony.  So it will be more personal from here forward. You will also hear directly from Him too and you will be able to know the difference.  ENJOY!  and Get ready for more intimate conversations in your own life.  That’s absolutely HIS DESIRE!

For many years now I journal what He tells me and my book and this blog have been Him speaking in that moment as I typed.  I absolutely love this with Him.  He wants to talk to all of us and be the leader of our day, ordering our steps, helping us through, speaking truth in ways that astonish, stun, and silence us to AWE in HIS PRESENCE.

Yesterday I woke up with such pain in my knee that I lay there trying to think how was I going to get all my Saturday chores done before work again on Monday. The night before I had hyper-extended it. Fears were assailing me from every angle.  I was asking Jesus to heal my knee and help me in the middle of my angst.  Before I opened my eyes HE said, “put the knee brace on that you bought for your husband.”  I remembered immediately that it was supposed to have real benefits, but where had I put it.  Then HE showed me exactly the memory of placing it on the closet shelf with all the other athletic items.  I got up and put it on.  I started moving through the morning, doing one chore after another.  I used coconut oil, lavender, Advil, everything I could think of.  I kept moving as they say to do and got all the chores done by mid afternoon.  Was there still pain–yes!  But laying in bed that morning there was no way in my mind that I would accomplish all that HE had just helped me get done.  I was amazed.  This included making a big breakfast for my husband, cleaning the house, laundry, ironing–everything.  I was up and down stairs so many times I started being strategic about my trips.  My WAR ROOM for prayer and piano are down in the basement and I hadn’t done that for awhile, so I played and prayed waiting for washer/dryer cycles to finish just to avoid more stairs.  I didn’t go slow, but felt HIM say keep moving as if everything is fine.  So I did!  Now it was time to finally sit down in a chair and hem 3 pair of new pants that HE had helped me find earlier in the week.  I knew I had to cut the current hem off and then fold up the hem the same length again and it would be just about right.  I had thought about doing the assembly line process–cut all the hems off and then pin, and then sew.  However, I did only one pair first which I’d tried on, knew was almost 3 inches too long and so ASSUMED they all were the same.  However, before cutting the next pair the LORD said, try each pair on.  I thought that was unnecessary, especially with my knee, but did it.  I was surprised to find that pair number 2 fit perfectly.  Then pair number 3 was also perfect.  I was shocked.  By trying them on I learned that they were different and only the one pair actually had to be hemmed.  I told my husband–do you believe this.  HE just spared me from literally ruining 2 pair of pants.  If I’d cut them all the same at the beginning, the 2 would have been too short to wear.  I was so grateful, so amazed.  HE also knows that I don’t like to sew or hem and with all that I had done with His help that day, this was a blessing.  I WAS DONE!  It was then that I noticed the pants were not the same sizes.  The 2 pair were “short” and not “regular” in length–already sized perfectly for me.  I had not noticed that when purchasing–but HE did.  At the store I had been in a hurry, had tried on several pairs and had some in my hand to purchase.  I had put off buying pants for probably the last 10 years–yes for real!  He led me to a corner of the store I hadn’t noticed and I found these perfect dress pants.  YUP!  Perfectly sized for me.  The funny thing is, that later that night I had almost returned them thinking I should not spend the money.  But HE stopped me–knowing I needed them for work.  WOW! He has always promised to provide and show me what to wear.  He shopped for me.  Amazing.


Yes!  I do care about every aspect of your life.  I know everything about you and you cannot out do ME ever.  I AM here and well and alive and I need you to trust ME and believe ME and do exactly what I tell you to do.  Don’t be afraid of anything.  Don’t rationalize with your mind.  LISTEN, HEAR, OBEY and discover joys with ME that will fill you up to overflowing.  Even when it’s tough, you can do it with ME.  YES I love you all.  I know you personally.  This story is your’s too!  Keep coming, believing ME and receiving all that I have for you each day.  Notice ME.  Open your eyes and ears and heart to really believe that it is ME.  Things don’t just happen.  I AM GOD and I AM in charge.  Thank Me and let’s enjoy your life together!

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