March 13, 2017

I AM a Good Good Father and you are just NOW learning every day how precious you are to ME and how wonderful our relationship can be.  Keep coming and dining with ME.  You’ve been coming for a long time but NOW you want to linger longer, beheld by ME and I do.  We dance together you and I.  All these precious moments are for every one of you out there in the earth.  I long for this precious LOVE relationship with all of you.  I AM love so there’s no other place you will find LOVE but in Me and through ME to you from others and from you to others.  That is how it IS!  I came because of LOVE.  I came to free you from yourself destruction by your self protection construction of years and years of trying but failing by making things even worse for yourself.  YES!  Self protects self and in doing so constructs the most evil of fortresses, unapproachable, unforgiving, unloving, unable to let anyone in and keep everyone out at arms length so as not to get hurt again, rejected.  HOWEVER I AM the great repairer of the breach.  I tear down walls with your help fast or slow whatever you desire, at your pace of TRUST IN ME and MY LOVE.  Only My Love can fill you up so full that you need nothing else and so walls crumble, towers cease to be and doors open, light dawns, hearts are healed and I reign supreme over you under you around you helping you guiding you guarding you to be the you, you’ve not met yet in ME.  There is a plan and purpose still waiting for every one of you here.  It is always there, every day.  It is new every day.  It is fresh and clean and pure and holy and prepared for you.  You are equipped for the day by ME when you COME to ME, dine with ME, sit with ME, listen to Me, speak with ME, converse with ME, commune with Me, Love ME have relationship with ME.  This is My desire with each of you and always has been.  You are discovering that I AM here with you.  You are being broken apart as I was and in the breaking apart, light is breaking through into the darkness of you and finding the path to light a whole new you there, created by My hand in the womb.  Treasures of Me in you and you in Me.  We are on a path together of My making and you are learning more and more to TRUST My ability to keep you in it.  You have always been afraid of pain and suffering and are learning new things about ME and My suffering here in the earth and what it means to suffer with ME.  Passion is suffering, suffering is passion.  It means all the moments of pain and hurt in all ways that life here brings, brought to ME, talk to ME–I AM here and with you in them.  I have all you need to walk through them.  You discovered new things today with ME in this journey together as Friends, Beloved of Father, Me and Holy Spirit speaking for ME.  I am absolute provision, grace, mercy, All in All.  You cried out to ME today and found Me right there in ways you can’t express in words of humankind.  It is a realm beyond the senses yet engulfing all senses at once and bringing HOPE in the moment, endurance for fear, strength for faltering, calm for anger, peace to your storm.  You were blessed today numerous times by My hand at work on your behalf and you are recognizing it quicker and Thanking ME, blessing ME with your love in return.  This relationship is beyond what you have thought you needed wanted in the past.  I AM your all in all and everything you need is in ME.  That’s why I came to restore all that man had lost to them through My presence dwelling inside, not just around but in you, spirit to Spirit we dwell together.  It is an amazing mystery to those who have not yet discovered all that I AM and hope to be to them and for them–My precious children, all of you; made by My hands, designed, unique, no two alike.  You are needed, have purpose, power to make it with ME.  Believe in ME and follow ME is all I ask.  Love ME as you can.  I will never leave you or forget you or walk away from you or be distraught with you for I have known your life from start to finish before you ever came to be.  On the cross I thought of you–each one of you–backward and forward.  All are known to ME.  Yes every baby in the womb living or dead is Mine, whole here or there.  Do not doubt ME.  I AM GOD and cannot lie.  Therefore, I have all in My care.  Only you choose to walk away, your own way and find it empty space.  There is a place being prepared for you, all who call ME their own.  I know who you are.  Come is always My invitation.  I turn no one away.  There’s no one to far gone for My love not to reach.  I do it.  I call you and woo you by My Spirit at work to draw you to Myself.  I AM waiting!  Come and believe that I AM everything I have said that I AM.


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January 26, 2017

I love you and you are MINE, yes My child.  Why would it be any different if I AM GOD and I AM perfect and I AM LOVE, why would it be any different than this.  You learn from ME how to be.  I made you all.  All things exist by MY WORD only.  No man makes anything without My approval and guidance for My purposes in the earth.  Apart from ME you do nothing, fail.  I bless and I curse the evil that destroys MINE in the earth.  I AM here working on you all and in every area of your lives.  You can TRUST ME and KNOW that I do not fail.  All is well.  I spoke the truth of what would come to John in Revelation to his spirit that day on Patmos.  I do not leave you orphans.  I gave you My Spirit within you to dwell as My house within you.  No other god exists but ME.  I AM GOD alone.  It matters not what man thinks, he is the child created, not creator, GOD.  So someday all will bow to ME in adoration or in shame.  I long for all to KNOW ME, LOVE ME see how I LOVE THEM.  There’s nothing I don’t know about you and every person ever made created by MY HANDS.  Oh many think this lies and junk; are proud and want no part of ME.  BUT they don’t choose the end of things, it’s written by MY HAND.  I have determined all life spans and no one changes them.  I AM the creator and giver of life and I save and rescue too.  There’s not a hand on earth who saves without My help, design.  Most think this rot of man’s own mind, but man’s own mind can fail.  I AM the creator of the mind and ask that you seek MINE.  For I KNOW all the answers to calm your troubled souls and bring you PEACE–MYSELF.  I have you in My sights, I never look away.  I’ve watched you as you live and breathe it all comes straight from ME.  I AM Waiting here with you, hoping you’ll see that it is ME you seek in all this race you call your life.  There’s peace and joy and exponential life awaiting all who come to ME for life.  Believe that I AM HE and follow ME.  All I ask is for you to believe I LOVE YOU.  I DO!  I made you for ME.  That’s why nothing and no one fills the gaping holes inside that life creates from birth.  You are perfectly wonderfully made inside and life attacks at birth.  It was not so in the beginning.  That’s why I came to pay the price for you and all who’ve lived.  There’s no one here could rescue save from what sin’s curse brought to.  It was My plan has always been, I will not lose MY OWN.  I seek you daily everywhere, I AM there, here, with all.  That’s why I AM GOD and you are not.  So if you know the truth and hear that I AM here for you, why do you run away from ME keep trying on your own?  The futile foolish life of man who seeks his own way best, proves out that I AM truth and life for his ends as he came.  Abundant life is yours with ME and so much more is coming.  MY KINGDOM here is full of grace and mercy for each face.  BUT OH the joys that you will have with ME eternally, if you will choose to love ME, want ME, seek ME, follow ME, Believe I AM HE.  I AM King of Kings and Lord of Lords and all realms understand this.  It doesn’t matter what man thinks–it IS, cannot be changed.  I AM GOD and there is no other.  COME and find ME all you have ever dreamed or desired.  It’s ME the missing piece.  You’ve been robbed and I restore.  Been lied to and I AM truth.  All other earthly gods, religions too were created by man to fill the hole that’s only made for ME.  In John 14:23 I promise you; I Jesus–“If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.  My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.”  I repeated this in My REVELATION to John in Revelation 3:20:  “Here I AM!  I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.”  That’s LIVING Life abundantly.  I AM revealing My self to many around the globe who truly seek the TRUTH and have been deceived by man’s evil notions, wrong directions, corruption in the earth.  I AM HERE and  I SEEK YOU.  WHY you say would I want you?  Because you are MINE, My child and I love you with a passion you will never fully understand in this place of hurt and wound.  SO get over your self, walk, climb, run to ME and find all you have ever hoped for.  TRY ME!  TEST ME!  CALL TO ME.  See if I don’t answer you in your spirit and you will know that all My words are truth and YOU ARE LOVED!

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January 11, 2017

I AM the Bright and Morning Star and I AM GOD and I AM the one in charge, control and it’s time MY children remember WHO I AM!  What is all the fuss about constantly from you all looking at the wrong things.  I AM GOD–LOOK UP!  I AM here with you and in you by MY SPIRIT and My promise.  I have not turned My back or walked away.  I AM not ignoring or paying no attention.  I AM in charge of everything that IS.  All exists only by My WORD.  What I say brings LIFE.  All that exists comes from ME and through ME.  All life is held in place by ME.  Life and Death are in My hands.  I save and restore and refresh and build and create.  Man does nothing apart from ME.  So why do you look at man’s ways and words and fear what may be.  I have DECLARED the TRUTH to you in MY word and through My Voice in your ear.  My Spirit speaks My words to you and tells you what you need to know at all times.  I ask that My children read My REVELATION to them and see what I have said.  I declare to you that I AM the Bright and Morning Star.  I AM coming soon and I declare to you be filled and ready in ME.  My Spirit is hear to speak to you what you need to know of ME daily.  Give up yourself and live for ME.  You will find all you need through TRUST in ME.  I love you all.  I AM calling and claiming and showing MY own in the earth the truth.  I AM speaking to many who had no idea that I AM the ONE TRUE GOD.  Deceived by lies of the devil, they are meeting ME their KING and LORD and finding LIFE ABUNDANT.  Many are giving their lives for ME and MINE.   Be ready, prepared.  LOVE ME MOST and BEST that’s all I ask.  I will move in and through you.  I call My own to come to ME and be with ME and KNOW ME as never before.  I love you.  You are precious to ME.  BELIEVE and RECEIVE the truth that I speak to you this day.  Do not be surprised by what you see and hear.  KNOW and BELIEVE that earth is in My hands.  My eyes never leave you.  I AM here.  Talk to ME constantly as best friend, Lord, GOD!!!

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September 27, 2016

“I know exactly where you all are in the earth and I love to change things UP—get you looking at ME more and more.  This experience has been doing that for days in your lives and now look what just happened.”

We are in Kalamazoo at a Hospice now and mom is the best she’s been, still has pain in her chest, but so like her normal self today I even took her for a walk outside in her room chair–which has rollers–she loved getting outside for a few minutes on the beautiful grounds, then was ready for her bed again.  Our whole journey so far has been about connections–life on life, sharing Jesus, our faith, hope and courage about where she’s going when the moment comes; which always blows people’s minds.  JUST NOW her night nurse came on duty and kept looking at Gary like he was familiar.  He happened to mention Spring Arbor and OH MY the connections were made.  They went to college together with Jeff Roley in 1973, 1974.  He actually worked at Teen Ranch Youth For Christ after 1978 for a few years, so our lives intersected back then and now again 40 years later.  Only God can do these strategic moments in time.  We are continuing to marvel at Mom’s journey, knowing that Dawson our 10 year old grandson prayed 3 times over her in ICU to be healed, get to go home, leave the hospital, or be with Him, for peace, comfort, etc.  This place is providing those things for her while she waits for her HOME GOING.  She is up for visitors as long as we don’t tire her out.  She enjoys feeling more normal and being able to talk, so we hope that continues until the moment comes.  Difficult yes but AMAZING GRACE is all over her and all of us.  We love you all who are out there praying.  We are being challenged, changed, and learning many, many things.  Kindness, compassion, and how to engage and encourage others along the way.

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September 17, 2016

WELL!  Life is.  I am amazed again.  Thursday night I suddenly noticed that something else had popped up on my rose bush on the deck.  I went to look closer and there were 3 more brand new rose buds.  They have opened now and are hung in a little bundle with my first one drying.  He gave me 3 more gift roses, but had a HUGE message.  He said, “you often miss, don’t notice or disregard what you don’t see, because you don’t know.”  In high school my Biology teacher was amazing and my favorite teacher of all 13 years of schooling.  He made us repeat daily, “You only see what you know!”  I have never forgotten it and it is true.  I saw the first tiny rose gift and missed the other 3 because I didn’t know to look further in that moment for tiny green buds still coming.  He has told me that we–I do this with people and situations.  They are still in process–HIS growth season–not mine.  They will bloom and blossom under HIS care for his reasons and in HIS time.  I need to love and be patient and give HIM the true gardener time to work, prune, nourish, water, shine light upon and bring forth.  He is unending in His ability to apply Himself to life because HE is life.  He is Shepherd with Sheep, Water to Thirst, Food and meat for the hungry, Milk for babes, Sun of Righteousness with healing in His wings, Savior, Friend, King, Lord, God.  I have been thrilled with my little roses this week.

I hear His voice saying, “are you as thrilled with MY little roses–people still in the growth process?  Don’t write them off or shun, or think ME done.  Wait upon Me.  Come to Me when you need help and answers in regards to people in your life.  You cannot control things–I DO!  Quit trying.  Leave it all to ME.  I have you and them.  Pray for them about everything.  Don’t run your mouth in anger, frustration, berating, etc.  Love them as I do.  You will know from now on as you listen and obey and follow Me more closely every day.  You are learning from Me how to treat, care, tend, love Mine, as I do you.  No more shame for you or them.  I removed it all.  TRUST ME to DO MY WORK in you and them and all circumstances happening in your life.  All is well and good and you can REST assured that it is SO!

Last night we watched the movie “RISEN” and I was in tears, just sitting and starring by the end.  I’m going to watch again today before I return it.  It has shown ME more of His love and power.  HE IS GOD AND LORD AND KING AND FRIEND AND COMING BRIDEGROOM!  Get ready.  Be alert, awake, prepared in your spirit–One with Him excited and ready to SEE HIM in person.  He is coming Soon–quickly He says in Revelation 22.  Until that moment HE promised “I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS!”  What more could we possibly need than Him.

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